In the peaceful undergrowth of the lush Limpopo Valley, a rare mother Unero monkey gave birth to an adorable baby. One of only a few hundred left in the world. Living so far deep in the thick undergrowth, they have almost no contact with the outer world, so when seen by humans, it’s no wonder they are met with such awe and admiration.

One day, as the sun was setting, the researchers heard a soft whimpering sound, as they parted the leaves between the trees there was the mother Unero with her new born baby. Being the first humans to see him, they were blessed with the task of giving him a name, and in honour of his parents, they called him Uno.

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We are a small team with a huge passion for game design
putting the focus on beauty and captivating experiences!

This game has been our little project for the last year
and we are proud to see it come into the light for the first time!

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